Rubbing the Head

On the authority of ‘Ubadah ibn al Waleed ibn as-Saamit who said: "I went out with my father when I was a child, we ran into a Shaykh (old man) who wore a Burdah and a Yemeni Thawb, his son likewise wore a Burdah and Yemeni Thawb.

I said to him: 'O Uncle, why don’t you give your son this striped garment and you take the Burdah. So you would be wearing two Burdahs and he would be wearing the stripped garment.'

So he turned to my father and said: 'Is this your son?'

My father said "yes"

He (the old man) then rubbed my head and said: 'May Allah bless you, I bear witness that I heard the Messenger of Allah - صلى الله عليه وسلم - saying: "Feed them from what you eat and clothe them from what you clothe yourselves."
O nephew of mine, to lose the pleasures of this world is more beloved to me than to have the pleasures of the afterlife taken away from me.’

I [later] asked my father: 'O father, who was that man?'

He said: Abul Yusr, Ka’b ibn ‘Amr."


From this story we learn about some of the rights of a child over it's parents, that they are deserving to be fed and clothed by that which the parents feed and clothe themselves with.